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Shri Bhogapuresha Mahime book relesed by Shri Shri 108 Shri Suvidyendrateertha sripadangalavaru on 10th August at Navali Sampoorna Bhargavata Jnanastra.

Price: Rs. 125 + Postal Charges,
Contact: Govindacharya Navali
No: 9980561323, info@bhogapuresha.org

Shri Mukunda Dasaru(N.G.Bhogeshachar) has authored a Book titled as SHRI BHOGAPURESHA MAHIME. The author is from Navali Kshetra and worships Shri BhogapurEsha. Shri BhogapurEsha gave him ankita as MUKUNDA DAASA in the dream. Since then, he has been composing various songs and suLadi etc.He proposes all his compositions, along with rare stotras composed by various scholars in Sanskrit and Kannada, be in published in the form of a book and submit at the feet of Shri Hari! This book is published by Haridasa Chandrika Foundation.

The Book contains 240 pages and the estimated cost is around Rs 54,000/- for 1000 copies. Devotees please donate generously for this religious cause. The book is planned to be released on August 11th 2015 by the Amrutha Hasta of Shri Suvidyendrateertharu.
For detials, contact info@bhogapuresha.org

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