Mahime of Shri Bhogapuresha (Miracles) …

Shri Narasimhacharya Karatagi, devotee of Shri Bhogapuresha was once coming to Navali to have Lord’s darshana.. He was not able to cross the lake which was full near Gudur. So, he took the name of Shri Bhogapuresha and plinged into water. Lord helped him swim and cross the lake.
Shri Vadeendrachar Kampli was suffering from stomach disease. Food grains were looking like worms and he was not eating anything. He heard about Bhogapuresha. He came to offer Seva to Lord. For 2 weeks, he offered Seva to Lord. His stomach disease was cured. Later he did Anna Santarpane at Shri Bhogapuresha temple, Navali for 24 years every day.
When Thieves made pieces of idol and threw pieces in to water, Lord came in dream of Archaka Shri Koormacharya and told them to join the pieces with Ghee and Honey and not to open the door for 11 days. Also told that Deepa should be lightened with Ghee, not with oil and any food items with oil are not permissible. Ladies should not cook food for Lord’s Naivedya.
Later, when devotee insisted Archakaru to open the door on 10th day, Archakaru opened the door. This is the reason why Bhogapuresha idol is not completely joined. Even today cracks are visible in the idol. When everyone were contemplating on worshipping the broken idol, Lord himself told that His presence is there in the idol even though it is broken.
Once Shri Sathyaparayanateertharu of Shri Uttaradimatha visited Navali for darshana of Shri Bhogapuresha during Shaakavrata period of Chaturmasya,. He saw broken idol and told that it should not be worshipped. In Bhogapuresha temple, during Shaakavrata, coconut is being dedicated to Lord. Seeing all these, he expelleds Archakaru. Later, at that night during Shrigalu’s sleep, Lord came in Shrigala dream that night and said “You have not worshipped” and did “Gadha prahaara”. Shrigalu realised the Kshetra mahime . He called Archakaru worshipped Shri Bhogapuresha and also composed Stotra on Lord Bhogapuresha.
Once a devotee from Veerapur came to touch Shri Bhogapuresha. When Archakaru refused him, he asked back the “Dwadasha naamagalu” offered to Bhogapuresha by him. Dwadasha naamagalu were made up of silver. Archakaru gave them back to devotee. When he took back them to his home, Leucoderna (white patches on skin) appeared like Dwadasha naamagalu. He surrendered to Lord and Skin disease vanished soon.
Everyday Teerthaprasada was arranged during Shravana maasa. Once, Ghee didn’t arrive in time. Archakaru , took water from well while chanting Bhogapuresha mantra , served that water to all devotees. Water from well turned in to Ghee. Later, when the Ghee was bought to Temple, it turned in to water.
Once Muslim officer came inside the temple wearing footware. Archakaru refused him entering inside temple wearing shoes. But, he didn’t listen. Suddenly, his body started burning. When he surrendered himself to God, burning vanished.
Devotee from Siddhaapur came to offer Naivedya to Lord on Shravana Shuddha Dashami. When he came, pooja, naivedya already offered to Lord. He came to Archakaru and told to perform Panchamrutha abhisheka. Archakaru refused to do that as Pooja was already over. But, he didn’t listen. He himself threw Milk, Curds on Lord. Later, he came to offer Naivedya, food cooked by his wife. Lord was angered and his wife fell down on. Then, he surrendered himself to Lord. Lord protected His devotees.
Lord used to nod His head happily when Archaka Koormacharya, who re-installed Shri Bhogapuresha idol would do Mangalarati.
Many deaf, dumb, blind, lame people have got hearing, speech, vision, walking power after offering Seva to Lord Bhogapuresha. Many barren women have got kids after offering Seva to Lord Bhogapuresha.
If there are any faults in maintaining the sanctity (Madi) , Lord Bhogapuresha appears as Shesha devaru.
On Madhwa navami, in year 2007 Shri Suvidyendrateertharu wa doing Madhu Abhisheka to Lord Bhogapuresha. Suddenly, Ganga (water) came from Bhogapuresha’s right hand.
On Akshayatruteeya in year 2007, Shanka’s (Conches) came out from Lord Bhogapuresha idol.
Many more Miracles have happened, and continue to happen…….
One should visit Navali and have darshana of Shri Bhogapuresha and experience the Mahime of Lord.

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