Shri Bhogapuresha is Shri Hanumantha Devaru installed by Shri Janamejaya Raja.Very Jagruta (powerful) God. Those who have offered Seva here, nobody returned with empty handed.Special thing about Shri Bhogapuresha is the idol is Bhinna (broken). Still we all perform Puja because Shri Bhogapuresha Himself told that anyhow idol is broken His sannidhana (presence) is in that idol.
Shri Janamejaya Raja installed Bhogapuresha’s idol 4500 years back. In year 1822, thieves thought that there is lot of wealth behind Bhogapuresha’s idol. So, they came to Bhogapur(Navali), searched for wealth behind Bhogapuresha idol. They didn’t find anything. They made pieces of the idol and throw the pieces in to water (there was a lake behind temple earlier). Later in dream of Archaka vamshasthru, Bhogapuresha appeared and told “Thieves have made pieces of my idol , the pieces are in water. Join all the pieces with ghee and honey. Close the door for 11 days. From outside, perform Puja, naivedya etc. After 11 days, idol will be joined completely. “Next day, with all devotees Archakaru went to temple. There he found idol pieces were floating in water. He joined all pieces with Goghrutha and Honey. Door was closed. Puja and naivedya, mangalarathi etc were offered from outside. On 10th day, one devottee from other village came for Lord’s darshana. He was fasting until Shri Bhogapuresha’s darshana from 3 days. So, unwillingly door was opened. So, some part of the idol couldn’t join. So, idol is bhinna murti.Actually, we should not perform puja to bhinna murti. But, Lord Himself told to devotees that even though idol is broken, but, His sannidhana (presence) is in that idol. So, puja is being performed.Later during, Shri Krishnadevarayara period at Vijayanagar Kingdom, Shri Bhogapuresha temple has been renovated.Many Peethadipatigalu, Dasaru have visited this place. Shri Satyaparayanateertharu, Shri Satyapramodateertharu , Shri Satyatmateertharu , Shri Sushameendrateertharu, Shri Suvidyendrateertharu, Shri Vidyamanyaru and many peethadipatigalu and Shri Vijayadasaru, Shri Jagannatha dasaru have visited this place.
Shri Satyaparayanateertharu, Shri Suvidyendrateertharu have composed Shloka on Shri Bhogapuresha and Shri Vijayadasaru, Shri Jagannathadasaru have composed songs on Shri Bhogapuresha.
Various peethadipati’s have visited Shri Bhogapuresha temple. Mainly,
Shri Satyaparayanateertharu of Shri Uttaradimatha
Shri Lakshmeendrateertharu of Shri Kundapura Vyasarajaramatha in year 1950
Shri Vidyamanyateertharu of Shri Palimaru Matha and Shri Bhandarakeri Matha in year 1954-55
Shri Ramadhyanateertharu Of Shri koodali Akshobhyateerthamatha in year 1966
Shri Vidyapayonidhiteertharu of Shri Sosale Vyasarajaramatha in year 1970-71
Shri Satyapramodateertharu of Shri Uttaradimatha in year 1975
Shri Raghupriyateertharu of Shri Koodali Akshobhyateerthamatha in year 1987
Shri Satyatmateertharu of Shri Uttaradimatha in year 2007
Shri Sushameendrateertharu and Shri Suvidyendrateertharu of Shri Raghavendra Swami Matha in year 2007
Shri Satyatmateertharu of Shri Uttaradimatha in year 2010 and 2011
Various Dasaru who have visited Navali are :
Shri Vijayadasaru, Shri Jagannathadasaru, Shri Abhinava Praneshadasaru, Shri Koppara Giriachar

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